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Everything Exterior is your supplier of polyurethane stone, real stone, and stone veneer. We also specialize in siding, decking, deck railings, deck lighting, interior feature walls, laminate flooring, and vinyl flooring. Unlike the big box stores, our staff are well educated in the products we sell and the installation process. Our stores are designed with you in mind. At Everything Exterior we know you want more than just product application knowledge. You want ideas! With our in-house design ideas we can help you make the right decisions the first time. Feel free to come down to take a look at the extensive lines of products we carry. Most products displayed in our showroom are stocked in Edmonton. Come visit us to experience the difference!
09 Jun

Materials Popular For Modern Decking

When you think of decks, you will ultimately think of wood as the main material used. Whilst traditional decks do take wood for their material, experts have elevated your options further into more varieties that now make up the modern decks that you see. These materials seem to have opened a door for more options for homeowners and business owners alike who all want to update their premises. In line with this, it pays to talk about the different options you now have for building modern-looking decks for your structure.
06 Jun

Top Telltale Signs That Your Deck Needs Repair

Home decks can be a great spot in your home where you can entertain your guests and have that fun whilst having a conversation with long lost friends. These special structures will make the place even homier considering that they can be made out of the usual stuff used in building your home. It has to be noted, however, that like just any structure, there are instances when these decks of yours will need repair. It is good to know that there are different signs to take in order for you to know when your deck needs that much-needed rework.
07 May

Size Matters! | Choosing The Right Deck Size To Install

Deck construction often seems like a pretty straightforward procedure, and this is why most people don’t even consider hiring deck installers to do it for them. However, you need to realize that there are some seemingly minor issues you need to account for when doing the installation which often turn out to be very important. A prime example of this is deciding what size you should get. Most people simply choose an arbitrary size of decking, or use the proportions of the home to determine this. However, you need to take into account a large number of things in order to end up with the most ideal decking size. Some of the important things that can help you along in doing this include:
04 May

What You Should And Shouldn't Do To Clean Snow Off A Composite Deck

Many homeowners living in standalone homes tend to be interested in installing decking. These provide a space for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the comforts of home behind. However, one of the issues you might come across is that since it is in the open, the decking will be exposed to all manner of inclement weather including a lot of snow. Making sure that you account for this when doing the design for the decking is important, since it will affect how long lasting it will be.
01 May

Guidelines For Choosing The Ideal Railings For Your Deck

When thinking of installing decking, one of the things you might take for granted is the quality of the railings used on the structure. Most people don’t think much of them, but they are actually one of the most important parts of any decking. They offer an important safety feature, and also play a huge role in making sure that the entire decking is visually appealing as well. If you take it for granted, you may end up with a deck that is technically of high quality, but which looks shabby if the railings are not well done.