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Ozco Pergola Hardware

OZCO Building Products is the leader in ornamental decking, railing, fencing and pergola hardware. From ornamental wood ties to timber fasteners, OZCO products offer a wide selection of mounting hardware for use with cedar or ACQ Treated Lumber. Ornamental wood ties include post bases, timber & cedar anchors, post to beam supports, truss accents & ties, rafter clips, truss ties, truss base fans, joists & beams, gate hardware, and timber bolts. All of these are safe to use with ACQ Treated Lumber. If you are looking for the perfect accent for your deck or pergola, look no further than OZCO products. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT
If you are looking to make a statement with your gate hardware or with an ornamental gate insert, OZCO products offers an array of decorative metal mounting hardware. From post bases, truss fans, post to beams, truss accents, timber bolts, timber screws, and gate hardware, OZCO decorative accents will definitely add a finishing touch to your project. OZCO products are in stock at Everything Exterior Store.
Easy to install
Sold by the piece
Specialty fasteners, accents, gate hardware
Available in two styles: Laredo Sunset & Ironwood