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Trex RainEscape

Trex Rain Escape is an inexpensive deck drainage system for raised decks. It allows you to create a usable space below your deck whether it be another outside living space or a storage area. Trex Rain Escape is extremely easy to install and is in-stock at Everything Exterior. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT
The Trex Rain Escape System allows one to create a usable space under a raised deck by offering a unique drainage system. Achieved through the use of easy-to-install troughs & gutters, it will keep rain, spills, and melting snow away from the area below your deck. You can choose to run the water out onto the ground or into a water storage system. Trex Rain Escape is easy to install. Once installed, Trex Rain Escape can be covered up with a soffit or ceiling product of your choice. Trex Rain Escape is stocked at Everything Exterior Store.
Easy to install
Complete system Simply nailed into place
Available in 12” or 16” joist facing widths
System includes trough, gutters, and butyl tape