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Xonic - Rocky Mountain Way 5 mm Vinyl

Krono Xonic is a vinyl plank flooring collection that offers 6 different colours of authentic wood looking planks. At 5mm thickness, Xonic vinyl flooring planks are stain and imprint resistant and easy to install with a top click installation system. No adhesive is required. Xonic vinyl flooring does not require underlay as each plank has a under pad attached to it. Xonic vinyl flooring has an antibacterial coating and a micro-scratch protected surface providing a clean & durable flooring option. This vinyl flooring is radiant heat approved. Come to Everything Exterior Store on the south side of Edmonton to see Xonic vinyl flooring on display. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT
Description: Xonic vinyl flooring made by Krono offers a commercial grade vinyl flooring product that can be used in both residential and commercial applications. Being 100% waterproof, Xonic is ideal for high traffic and moisture areas of your space. At 5mm thick, Xonic vinyl flooring is extremely durable, and is backed by a 30-year residential or a 5-year commercial warranty. Xonic vinyl planks are installed using an easy to install top click system and do not require underlay as each plank has a built-in under pad to provide warmth, sound absorption & comfort. Xonic rigid vinyl is coated with an antibacterial surface and is micro-scratch protected. The planks are slip-resistant and are radiant-heat approved. Xonic vinyl flooring features 6 different colours: Columbus, Tortuga, Long Beach, Anchorage, Rocky Mountain, and Coopers Classic. Everything Exterior has samples of all Xonic flooring collections on site and on display.

24 sq.ft./box
Non-slip surface
Easy maintenance
Formaldehyde free Vinyl plank flooring
100% water resistant
Antibacterial coating
Radiant heat approved
Micro-scratch protected
No glue required, click flooring
5mm x 7-1/2” x 50-1/2” including under pad
Attached under pad to provide warmth, comfort & sound absorption
6 colours: Columbus, Tortuga, Long Beach, Anchorage, Rocky Mountain, and Coopers Classic
30-year residential & 5-year commercial warranty