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Everything Exterior is your supplier of polyurethane stone, real stone, and stone veneer. We also specialize in siding, decking, deck railings, deck lighting, interior feature walls, laminate flooring, and vinyl flooring. Unlike the big box stores, our staff are well educated in the products we sell and the installation process. Our stores are designed with you in mind. At Everything Exterior we know you want more than just product application knowledge. You want ideas! With our in-house design ideas we can help you make the right decisions the first time. Feel free to come down to take a look at the extensive lines of products we carry. Most products displayed in our showroom are stocked in Edmonton. Come visit us to experience the difference!
12 Oct

Are You Ready To Tap On PVC Decking For Your Outdoor Living Space?

PVC is a synthetic material made purely out of plastics. It does not contain any organic materials as compared to wood and composite. It therefore stands out in its appearance as it does not resemble wood at all. If you want your outdoor living space to benefit from a great decking material, it's time you think about using the PVC option. Let's find out why!
06 Oct

Composite Decking: Reasons Why You Should Choose It Over Wood Decks

There is a wide variety of materials you can choose from when it comes to building your deck: wood, stone, plastic-composite, just to name but a few. Each material has its own pros and cons, considering the cost, durability and purpose. The frame of the deck is always laid out first, and is always made of processed wood (commonly known as lumber). Afterwards, the finishing and railing, in most cases, are made of wood or composite. The following are the benefits of choosing composite over wood in your decking.
30 Sep

Get Your Dream Deck And Maintain It Well!

Every ideally perfect Canadian house has a deck, be it at the back or front of the house. Decks create a feeling of relaxation and freedom. Picture this: an outdoor sofa, or better yet, a hammock, surrounded by elegant potted plants overlooking a serene landscape. Sounds like an amazing spot for your afternoon siesta or watching the sunset! Consider the following tips when you want to install a deck:
09 Sep

How To Maximise Your Deck's Durability

You have a very beautiful deck installed on your veranda or anywhere outside your home. It has become your most favourite part of the home now. But wait, whilst you enjoy being there most of the time, it will be good to learn how to maximise its durability so that you can enjoy the outdoor living experience for longer. Read on for tips in this regard:
05 Sep

What Are The Different Options For Exterior Stones?

Some think that stone sidings are for ancient homes. Well, if this is what you think of too, think again. Stone sidings have been elevated to match the requirements of modern homes. Now, with a few innovations here and there, you can rely on exterior stones as the perfect choices for your home. It is important to remember, however, that since these exterior renovation products have come a long way, you have to be familiar with the different types to choose from for your home improvement project.