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LUX Architectural Panel Fascia gives the look of real woodgrain fascia, without the maintenance required of real wood. Made to match all LUX soffit & siding colours, LUX Fascia comes in 2 styles: Classic Ribbed Fascia & WestCoast Drop-Down Fascia. The Classic Fascia is a ribbed fascia profile that can be used when your soffit meets your fascia at a 90 degree angle. The WestCoast Drop-Down Fascia, allows different surface layers to the soffit and fascia, with the soffit sitting higher up than the bottom edge of the fascia. Named after the popular large cedar fascia materials used on the west coast of North America, LUX Drop-Down fascia is maintenance-free. Both LUX fascia styles are available in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” heights.
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