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Elementz Natural Stone is available at Everything Exterior Store in Edmonton. Elementz Natural Stone is real stone that installs in an “INTERLOK” panelized system. With a ledgestone profile, Elementz Natural Stone offers the beauty of real stone while providing the weight and ease of manufactured stone. Pieces of stone are affixed to a mesh backer, which allows more stone to be applied at one time. All panels are constructed so they fit together precisely, regardless of the layout. Elementz Natural Stone is the first panelized natural stone system that has eliminated the look of seams between panels and offers 4” depth corner panels. With an average thickness of only 1”, Elementz Natural Stone can be applied to a structure without the need for additional reinforcement. Elementz Natural Stone is available in 6 different colours. All colours of Elementz Natural Stone are on display in our showroom at Everything Exterior in Edmonton.  
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