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Pressure Treated Decking

- Fungal decay and termite protection.
- Approved for use above ground, in ground contact, and in fresh water
- Backed by a lifetime limited residential warranty (see warranty for details)
- Improved corrosion resistance
- Approved for aluminum contact
- Environmental product certifications
- Innovative colour technology for treated wood

Consumers and contractors have an exciting option in Canada for outdoor projects with MicroPro Sienna® Treated Wood. The patented MicroPro® technology used to pressure treat MicroPro Sienna results in treated wood products that are designed for use in residential and commercial environments where aesthetics and environmental standards are paramount. MicroPro Sienna Treated Wood can be used above or below ground and in fresh water. It offers better corrosion resistance to exterior fasteners and hardware, and it can be used in direct contact with aluminum building products above ground (For more information, see the Fastener and Hardware Information sheet). The preservative protection of MicroPro Sienna Treated Wood is backed by a residential limited warranty against fungal decay and termite attack The innovative colour technology gives MicroPro Sienna Treated Wood a rich, finished look that complements today’s deck furniture and furnishings. Designed to meet the style demands of indoor / outdoor living, it offers a finished look similar to cedar with no initial staining. In an exterior project, the colour of MicroPro Sienna will turn to warm tan and over time will gradually fade to driftwood grey. The length of time will vary according to the exposure to sunlight, the wood species and the application. To maintain the colour and surface of MicroPro Sienna Treated Wood it is recommended that a high quality water repellent be applied to the wood as soon as possible after construction of the project. Long term, the initial colour will provide a good foundation for staining to renew or change the colour.