5 Basic Wooden Deck Issues And Their Solutions

During the summer, when the weather is warm and pleasant, the deck is one of the most used spots of your home. Unfortunately, because decks are always exposed to the elements, they can quickly wear down and deteriorate. Luckily, most of the common deck issues have basic solutions that than can help keep the area looking great for many years to come. In this way, you can enjoy your deck without having to worry about it getting damaged by the elements. Let’s investigate some of these issues and their solutions.

Water damage

Most homeowners have their newly installed decks sealed once and then forget all about it. Since most of decks are made of wood, this kind neglect leaves them exposed to the elements. Over time, this causes the causes the wood to show noticeable signs of water damage. It should be noted that even the best sealant wear off with time, and requires to be reapplied every few years.

To test if water is seeping into the wood, sprinkle some of it onto your deck and see what happens. If the water stops beading and simply seeps into the wood, then it is time to have the deck resealed. Have the deck thoroughly cleaned prior to resealing it. Any damaged pieces of wood also need to be replaced before the resealing undertaking.

Fading deck colors

As wood slowly ages and accumulates debris and damage, it turns a boring gray. While this is a visual issue, you will need to have it fixed as quickly as possible if you like the look of your deck. Any quality wood cleaners can restore some of the original color by removing the dirt and grime that is causing the discoloration. Apart from the cleaners, you can also utilize a wood brightener to try and restore some of the lost color. After any of these treatments, make certain to seal the deck to ensure that it continues to look refreshed until the next treatment.

Structural weakness

If your deck was installed by an inexperienced installer, then chances are that it will develop some structural weakness in the future. This affects its structural integrity. In this case, it will require some expert structural repair. Check the structure underneath the deck to make sure the post connections, joist hangers and ledger boards are all secure and complete. If you are not so sure about a given support or connection, contact a professional deck installer in Edmonton and have him or her come over to assess the situation and make repair work if necessary. By calling a professional deck installer to come over and resolve these issues, your peace of mind is guaranteed knowing that the deck problems have been expertly resolved.

Board gaps

Some types of wood shrink over time as it dries out. This ends up creating gaps in your deck. Regrettably, the only way to resolve this issue is to remove the boards and replace them.

Wood rot

Wood rot is a common problem with badly maintained and unprotected decks. Not only is rot unattractive, it can end up undermining the integrity of your deck. If the deck is sealed but still shows signs of rot, it is critical to check the spot after the next rainstorm to try and discover where the water is coming from. In a majority of cases, you will discover a problem with a fixture or a gutter that is funneling water onto a specific area of the deck. Rot is particularly common around stairs and handrails, where it is more difficult to have sealed.

Resolving rot issues on a deck calls for repair, inspection and resealing. Any affected boards need to be repaired. And while at it, make sure to inspect the beams and posts to make certain the deck remains stable. Once the rotted section has been repaired, completely reseal the deck so that rot doesn’t return.

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