6 Interesting Type Of Decks That You Can Get


A deck is an amazing addition to any home. It provides an ideal spot to relax, read, or even host a dinner party. The deck automatically adds value to the house in the event you want to sell. There are different types of decks for various purposes so depending on your specific requirements, you can choose the most appropriate deck to build. Here’s a look at six interesting decks that you can consider:

Al fresco deck

If you and your family love dining al fresco, then this is a perfect reason to build a deck. You can fashion a deck in your yard that will fit your dining table, near the house for ease of moving food. This would be perfect if it was under a tree that will allow you to experiment with different colored lights for an unforgettable dinner experience. Everyone will look forward to family dinners, and it’s also perfect for that cozy dinner date to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary.

Party deck

If you love to entertain, then you can certainly build a deck for this purpose. You can transform your whole backyard into a deck for entertaining guests. Arrangements can be done for inbuilt seats  or a hammock fixed in one corner. You can even have a fire pit and space for a grill or an outdoor kitchen. You can always think outside the box and design it any way you wish. This type of deck will require quite a bit of money, so you would have to really plan for it, and best material to use would probably be composite. You can either do it yourself or hire decking installers in Edmonton.

Tree hugging deck

Building a deck around a tree is a marvelous way of merging the trees with the deck. It is always wise to leave a space around the tree to give room for tree growth; otherwise the tree will grow and crack the decking. The materials you use are entirely up to your preference and budget.

Master bedroom deck

Creativity is called for when it comes to decks. You can have a small deck off the master bedroom that can hold a love seat, a small stool or table to hold drinks and some books or magazines. This would require just a small and compact extension off the bedroom door to the lawn.

Layered and multilayered decks

A deck can have merging and interlocking layers to form an interesting and beautiful design. This would be most suitable for small urban homes. A multilayered deck is perfect for a sloped area. The top, nearest to the house can be the kitchen, and a seating area set further down, complete with a fire pit. Again, here you can go for any material that you want. You can even have a merge of two different materials or even experiment with colors to create a fancy look.

Garden path and meandering deck

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These two come out beautifully well for homes with large gardens. Several decks are interconnected all through to the end of the garden to create a pathway. This goes for the meandering deck too .It meanders through the garden, giving an illusion of continuity. At the base of these paths, you can place a bench to give a sense of reaching the end of the path.

Decks are like a canvas. They are very versatile and you can literally design a deck in any way that you desire or imagine. You can experiment with ideas, merge materials and colors too. Think outside the box should be your mantra if you decide to build a deck. There is no fixed design that you need to stick to. Use your imagination and create a work of art to behold, and at the same time add both an aesthetic and monetary value to your house.

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