Capped vs Uncapped Deck Boards

With so many maintenance-free deck boards on the market today, what is the difference between capped vs uncapped composite decking? The first thing you should know is that most maintenance free deck boards are capped, which means that they have an additional layer that covers their wood composite core. This layer is bonded to the wood composite core and acts as a surface coating.
Capped vs uncapped Blog Pic
The benefits of this capping are increased durability and resistance to staining, scratching & wear and tear. The capping also contains UV inhibitors. A capped composite deck board is more durable than an uncapped deck board as this capping provides an additional wear layer. Most first generation wood composite boards were uncapped. Everything Exterior Store has both capped and uncapped decking on display. Come by our Edmonton showroom to see the difference between a capped and uncapped deck board.  

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