Composite Decking: Reasons Why You Should Choose It Over Wood Decks

There is a wide variety of materials you can choose from when it comes to building your deck: wood, stone, plastic-composite, just to name but a few. Each material has its own pros and cons, considering the cost, durability and purpose. The frame of the deck is always laid out first, and is always made of processed wood (commonly known as lumber). Afterwards, the finishing and railing, in most cases, are made of wood or composite. The following are the benefits of choosing composite over wood in your decking.

Low maintenance costs

Composite decking in Edmonton involves the use of man-made products produced by combining two or more materials (usually wood and resin) in a process that results in a different product altogether. The resultant material is highly resistant and can withstand many harsh and moist conditions that would otherwise be harmful to wood. This makes it durable for a long period after installation.

The initial installation costs may be quite high due to the quality of material being purchased, but in the long run, you will save a lot. Composite is easier to maintain as you do not have to incur high maintenance costs, hence it can keep its shine for longer. It does not require sealing and staining as you would do to a wood deck. It is also less prone to wear and tear, reducing the chances of renovating and renewing it.

Furthermore, composite has an attractive appearance on its own, so it does not need to be enhanced through painting. Wood, on the other hand, requires painting to look better, and this should be retouched regularly to maintain the polished look.

Purpose of the deck

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If you want to build a deck for a family house, then you should use composite material. The finishing used on it is not as slippery as the polish used on wood hence it is safe for children walking around barefoot. This creates a safe playing environment for your young ones. You can also keep pets as most of the materials are scratch-resistant to avoid any marks left by animals’ claws.

A deck that overlooks a pool or a mass of water will last longer if it is made of composite material. This is less prone to the harmful effects of water and moisture like cracking and growth of plants. Besides, it fades less when exposed to the sun as compared to wood whose vanish fades within a shorter period.

High return on investment during sale

Installing a composite decking is an expensive process, but totally worth it if you are looking to sell the house. Such houses are considered to have a higher resale value as compared to those that have wood decking. The main reason for this is that they are considered to be more durable and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house. They also provide a very elegant finishing.

Recent housing trends reveal that more people are choosing the composite decking as it has more pros than cons. It therefore goes without saying that a house with such a deck has a higher value than its counterparts thus guaranteeing a higher return on investment.

The decision of whether to use composite decking or not should be made at the very beginning when you are thinking about installing. Talk to an expert to get proper guidance on the best material to use. Although many recommend the use of composite due to the above mentioned properties, make sure that you understand the choices you have before you make a decision. Also, consider the cons such as excessive heat retention and almost-artificial appearance in making your choice. This will help you avoid regrets in the future.

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