Exotic Hardwood Applications for the Outside of Your Home

Exotic hardwoods are a perfect way to add curb appeal to your home. The main applications of exotic hardwoods are pergolas, fences, siding accents, wood soffits, and decking. Using tropical hardwoods for any of these applications will not only add a wow factor to your new house build or home renovation but will also increase the value of your property.

1. Exotic Hardwood Siding  – A great way to add texture to the look of your home is by adding a wood siding accent. Whether it’s a small area next to your front door or a wall of your deck, exotic hardwoods compliment stucco, fiber cement siding and vinyl siding. Exotic hardwood siding is a great way to add another texture to your home’s façade.
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2. Exotic Hardwood Soffit – While aluminum soffit is often used as vented or non-vented soffit material, exotic hardwoods can also be used. Wood soffits are not only beautiful but are easily maintained through oiling.

3. Exotic Hardwood Deck Boards – Exotic hardwood deck boards are available in standard 5/4” x 6” deck board dimensions and are available in Red Balau, Yellow Balau, and Dark Red Meranti species.
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4. Exotic Hardwood Deck Tiles – Deck tiles are designed to cover the surfaces of roof top patios and condo balconies. They lay directly over concrete and are a quick and easy way to warm up a space.
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5. Exotic Hardwoods Pergolas – Exotic hardwoods are available in dimensional lumber sizes and custom lengths. A pergola made from exotic wood is a luxurious addition to a deck or patio and can make you feel that you have traveled across the world.
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6. Exotic Hardwood Fences – Exotic hardwoods are often used for fencing and allow you to customize your fence and create a high-design feature.  
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