Get Your Dream Deck And Maintain It Well!

Every ideally perfect Canadian house has a deck, be it at the back or front of the house. Decks create a feeling of relaxation and freedom. Picture this: an outdoor sofa, or better yet, a hammock, surrounded by elegant potted plants overlooking a serene landscape. Sounds like an amazing spot for your afternoon siesta or watching the sunset! Consider the following tips when you want to install a deck:

Location for your deck

Look for an ideal location where you would like the deck to be built. Ideally, it should be connected on the side of the house, as long as there is enough space to fit one. A front deck is a beautiful and attractive addition to the house and can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal. A side or back deck can be used as an extension of the interior living room space.

Gather ideas

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Get as many ideas as you can from other people’s houses and internet sources. This will help you choose how you want your deck to look like. There are various materials you can use to build a deck: wood and timber, stone, plastic, or hybrid composite materials. These will highly influence the purpose, maintenance and durability of your deck.

Be sure to exercise creativity and imagination in deciding what type of deck you want. It is a great chance to incorporate your personal style in your house and the surrounding space.

Look for an expert or do it yourself

There are many companies that provide decking in Edmonton. Perform your due diligence and ascertain that the company is qualified and licensed to undertake such activities. Ask your friends and relatives to refer you to the best people in the business so that you can get quality work done.

Otherwise, try and do it yourself. This can be a fun process for you and your friends or family. Engage your kids in the whole process by giving them tasks they can handle like preparing the materials. However, take precautionary safety measures to prevent accidents and harm from sharp materials and harmful chemicals.

Budgeting right

Have a budget for the project to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses. This is especially important if you are hiring someone for the job. Ensure that the materials and labour costs are well within your financial muscle. But remember, if you want a good job done, you must pay for it and get value for your money.


Owning a deck is one thing, maintaining it is another. There are many things that can cause wear and tear, like harsh weather, water and subsequent growth of mould, among others. Understanding the materials used to build your deck will help you to know the factors of dilapidation and how to avoid them so as to maintain a neatly polished space.

Plan for the maintenance costs beforehand to ensure that you never run out of the necessary equipment needed for the process. A good installation company should be able to provide these services regularly as a value add to the initial project. Therefore, consult them regularly on how to maintain and keep your deck looking new and presentable.

In instances where your deck has lost its attractiveness, arrange for it to be renewed or repaired. This is an easy process that requires less money and expertise than replacing it. In most cases, renewals entail fixing broken parts, replacing the furniture and fixtures on it, and applying a fresh coat of paint where necessary. If it cannot be salvaged through refinishing, you might have to tear it down and build a new one.

At the end of the day, having that extra relaxation space, or adding that extra beauty to your house is what you want to achieve so with these tips, you can do it in style!

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