How To Maximise Your Deck’s Durability

You have a very beautiful deck installed on your veranda or anywhere outside your home. It has become your most favourite part of the home now. But wait, whilst you enjoy being there most of the time, it will be good to learn how to maximise its durability so that you can enjoy the outdoor living experience for longer. Read on for tips in this regard:

Keep it clean

Dust, dirt and all other pollutants accumulating over the surface of any deck (and decking) will certainly make the deck look ugly. It can also compromise durability at some point since it can lead to wear and tear of the material. In order to keep your deck durable at all times, it will be good to clean it at least once a year.

Use pigmented stain over the deck

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Most of the time, your deck will definitely be exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. This can destroy the wood and even other materials used to make these decks. The wood’s surface will slough off as a result of this which will eventually take away the deck’s finish. A pigmented stain will help prevent this from happening since these products contain UV inhibitors that protect the surface. Why not a clear finish? You may ask. It is because these ones have fewer UV inhibitors and if you are unlucky enough, you might get a clear finish that does not contain such.

Use a mildewcide-based finish on the deck

What is this product for? It is to get rid of possibilities of mould growth most especially over plastic decking which can result from exposure to plant pollen and tree sap. This can also be the end-product of spills from soda, catsup and beer from that frequent gathering with the entire family or with friends. Keep it durable through a finish that contains mildewcide to get rid of all these.

Make sure the deck is built a few feet above the ground

You may have been used to seeing decks that are built closely to the ground and not just any ground for that matter but wet ground. With that closeness it has with the ground, vapour pressure blows up and can remove solid stain. It will be best then to build a deck above the ground with a base containing at least three-fourth inch of gravel on a three-inch layer. Remembering to do this will certainly help manage and prevent moisture from getting in contact with the deck very frequently thus guaranteeing durability for the deck for a long time.

It also needs regular refinishing

You may say that this will cost you a lot but it is better to spend on regular finishing rather than seeing your deck literally breakdown in front of you only after a few years of using it. Considering doing this before the wood is damaged will simply require you to clean it every now and then and to reapply finish whenever needed. If you do otherwise then the surface will crack and look ugly.

Inspect your deck every now and then

When spending some time in your deck and getting yourself relaxed, you can take a close look at your deck and inspect for any ‘abnormality’. When you think something is wrong, solve it right away. You can also employ the help of experts to help you with this process.

When you work with reputable contractors for decks in Edmonton, this will guarantee that you will enjoy your decks for as long as you want. Call us and we will make sure that your decks will stay durable for a long time!

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