Make Your Fireplace Safer By Using These Design Tips!

Getting a fireplace for your home is one of the goals that many homeowners will have at some point. However, the common mistake that most of them will make is to simply go out there and have one installed. There are a number of mistakes that are usually involved in this. For one, the fact that you may not have done proper planning means that you will be more likely to end up with a fireplace that you actually don’t like.

In addition to that, it might turn out to be hugely expensive particularly if you have to break down important parts of the home’s structure in order to accommodate the fireplace. Most importantly, doing this might result in safety issues, since you are likely to end up with a fireplace that is not so safe. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done in order to avoid this. Some of the most important of these include:

Choose the site for the installation carefully

After you have decided that you are going to get a fireplace, you will need to decide where to have it placed. This is a process that needs to be done carefully, and without having to rush through it. In order to be safe, you need to pick a location that is away from hazardous material such as flammable items and away from service lines such as gas pipes.

To get this information, you will need to consult the house plans if you have them. The other difficulty that arises from doing this is that it may not be easy for someone who does not have experience with masonry and other similar works. For this reason, you are always encouraged to get the help of fireplace installation expert who will help you figure this out. It’s safer to do it this way rather than later regret starting the project in the first place.

Use the correct materials

One of the common reasons why fireplaces are associated with so many fires is the fact that the materials chosen to construct them are not fire retardant enough. For instance, the concrete lining the fireplace has to be fire resistant to ensure that anything beyond the fireplace is protected. You may need to get fireplace stone that has been specifically made with this in mind in order to get this done. This type of stone is usually bought from fireplace specialists, rather than from regular stone masons.

In addition to that, it’s also a good idea to pore over some of the regulations regarding the construction of a fireplace. Most institutions around the world will have such guidelines in place, and it’s always wise to follow them to avoid regretting it later on.

Consider the presence of children and pets

When you are designing a fireplace, you also need to consider the presence of pets and children in the vicinity. Having kids and pets around the fireplace could pose a health hazard to them if you are not careful. To mitigate this, you might find it necessary to install a number of protective measures including a gate to prevent entry of the pets or kids into the fire. You may also need to have the fireplace constructed in such a place where it would be very easy for you to monitor it.

In summary, constructing a fireplace is not a simple process of picking a point in the wall and then digging a hole in it. A lot of thought has to go into the process, and many times you will need the help of a professional to get this right. The above are just a few of the things you need to keep in mind to make it safe.

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