Protecting Your Stone Siding From Water Damage

One of the major benefits of getting stone siding in Edmonton is the fact that it makes a home look a lot more elegant, without having to be very expensive. Quite a number of users of stone siding have found that this quality makes it more than worth it in the long run. If you decide to have it installed, however, there are a few things you ought to keep in mind.

One of these is the risk of damage to the siding. In many cases, the stone siding gets damaged by water particularly when it’s not properly installed. During such times, you may need to either repair part of the siding that has been damaged, or redo the whole siding depending on the degree of damage. Either way, the extra cost can easily be avoided by simply making sure that the siding is not damaged by water in the first place. For this to be done, you need to plan for it from the beginning. Some of the tips you ought to keep in mind to get this done include:

Using high quality siding

When you are out there shopping for stone siding, you are likely to come across some types that are designed to be resistant to water damage. If you are going to install them in an area with lots of moisture, then this is the only choice you have. Of course, you can get other types of siding at a much lower price, but the fact that you will need to keep repairing it means that in the long run, you will run up more costs. If you are not sure about which products to buy, you should consider getting help from the vendors. Most of the high quality vendors will have tons of knowledge regarding the various water resistant qualities of their products, and will thus be best placed to help you figure out what to get.

Preparation of the installation site

One of the gravest mistakes that people make when installing stone siding is not preparing the site of installation properly. You need to remember that this will have an effect on the quality of the workmanship. For instance, if you install the siding on a wall against which a lot of water tends to drip, you may end up finding yourself in a position where the siding gets water damage as soon as its installed. To prevent this, you need to inspect the site of installation first, and then make sure that it’s sound enough. You may need to consult a high quality siding installation contractor for this.

If it turns out that there are a number of problems with the site, they might have to be dealt with. For instance, too much water dripping down a wall will need to be sorted out by making sure that there is enough drainage. This can be done by slightly changing the characteristics of the wall or even building a tiny roof over it.

In some cases, you will notice that the water damage will be caused by things such as burst water pipes and leaking underground water. The former can be fixed by a plumber, and the latter can be sorted out by making sure that there is enough insulation.

All the preparation above is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to protecting your siding from damage by water. The most important thing to remember is not to neglect this effect, since it will significantly increase the cost of owning the siding. In addition to that, it will also force you to keep inspecting it which can take time.

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