Top 6 Trends For Decking In 2016

Having been thinking about sprucing up your home’s interiors? If so, why don’t you consider adding a deck? Professionals say constructing a deck can significantly improve your home’s resale value. Not so sure about what type of decking in Edmonton to construct? According to deck experts, here are the top trends to expect in 2016:

Permanent lighting

The majority of homeowners consider outdoor lighting important. However, they are moving from using temporary lights to installing permanent lighting on the decking itself. Moreover, they are interested in accent lighting that draw attention to posts of the deck. Moreover, esthetics has become an important consideration when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures for their decks.

If your budget allows, have some low-voltage lighting fixture installed, for instance those that use solar energy, to help reduce your electric bills. While these might increase the cost of your project by a few hundred dollars, they are worth your time and effort in the long run. Have a skilled electrician to install these for the best of results.

Curved designs

The increasing utilization of composite materials in deck construction has come with new decking designs, including curved decks. Curved decks are quite popular in the decking industry today, and more and more homeowners are opted for it. The decking board is heated up until it almost like spaghetti noodle. It maintains its rigid form once it has cooled down allowing deck builders to come up with custom curves, something that is impossible with conventional timber. These days, deck builders around the country are building non-rectangular decks 95% of the time, meaning that people are leaning more towards custom-made curved decks than ever before.

Two-toned composite boards

Island Mist is not the only multihued color that is gaining popularity today among the deck owners. Homeowners are increasingly leaning towards two-toned decking colors in additions to other hues. The composite board market is moving towards two-toned decking boards as opposed to those that feature solid colors. This is similar to what you see in oak or mahogany made decks where there are two or three colors in play.

Gray decks

There are two main color groups from which to select for your decking, gray and brown. Since the introduction of Island Mist as a new decking color sometimes last year, the demand for gray hue has increased where decking boards are concerned. Decking boards that come in this hue, and which is a cross between gray and charcoal black, have become quite popular these days.

Multi-level decks

Gone are the days when homeowners wanted only one flat surface for their decks. Today, they are having multi-level decks built. Multi-story decks feature two detached entertaining areas making them different from multi-level decks. Multi-level decks come with unique designs that allow people on the main deck to easily interact from those in different levels. 

Composite materials

The use of composite boards as a decking material is widely accepted by homeowners. In this regard, consumers are asking for composite materials for construction of their decks more than wood decking. This is largely because wood decking is more susceptible to cracking, warping and splintering, some things that don’t occur with composite. Composite decking boards are made of wood fibers and recycled plastics.

Compared to wood, composite boards are easier and cheaper to install. Moreover, the boards do not stain as easily as wood and are easier to clean as well as maintain. As a result, this decking material has increasingly become popular over the last couple of years and is expected to continue gaining in popularity in the future.

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