What Are The Different Options For Exterior Stones?

Some think that stone sidings are for ancient homes. Well, if this is what you think of too, think again. Stone sidings have been elevated to match the requirements of modern homes. Now, with a few innovations here and there, you can rely on exterior stones as the perfect choices for your home. It is important to remember, however, that since these exterior renovation products have come a long way, you have to be familiar with the different types to choose from for your home improvement project.

Solid stones

Solid stone siding is not actually a new concept in exterior renovation. It has already been popular centuries ago. This type of stone is favoured simply because they look natural and are very durable. With that existing characteristic of a solid stone, it has been improved through time thus giving you a more dependable choice to beautify your home. It is good to note that innovation with this type of exterior stone include elimination of weight from the very heavy solid stones in the past. Now, they are easier to ship everywhere and can be easily installed by professionals.

Cultured stone

Also known as manufacturing stone, this type of exterior stone is one that has minimised limitations when it comes to using solid stones in the homes’ exterior. Typically, this one is made out of a mould that has been replicated to make it look like natural stone but offers the same durability you have always wanted from a construction material. If there is any difference it has from a solid stone, that will be the fact that it does not weigh as much as the previous one thus making it cheaper in terms of cost.

Foam or faux stone panel siding

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These ones are actually polyurethane-based thus are more lightweight when compared to solid stone. This one is entirely different from the first two for the fact that they are not installed on stones but are created in panels instead. Despite using a different component in manufacturing this exterior stone, it still looks like a natural stone in the naked eye. It is only when you touch it that you will notice it is not really stone. This fascinating choice is weather-resistant thus making it a durable and dependable option that will last for many years to come.

Natural stone cladding

This type of exterior stone is not actually as large as the slabs of exterior sidings that you are familiar with. In fact, it has been cut to fit specific customer requirements. There are those that have been made from granite, a material that is known to resist cracking. Granite has that capability simply because it is not susceptible to moisture penetration. Natural stone cladding, in general, are installed and fixed over a substrate and follows a staggered pattern.

Stone veneer panel

From solid stone to all other types of exterior stones mentioned above comes another type of exterior stone that you can consider purchasing. These veneers have been made out of real stone and use a panel system that will put the pieces together like you would with puzzle pieces.

Making the right choice

With the many types of exterior stones to choose from, you might be puzzled about which one to use for your exterior renovation. Well, if there is one thing to remember in here then that will be to go for a durable option that can last for years. Consider how it can be installed easily as well.

For more about specific types of exterior stone in Edmonton for your home’s siding, please browse through our pages. If you have any questions regarding our products, do feel free to give us a call.

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