What Deck Railing Options Are Available?

What Deck Railing Options Are Available? With all the choices in composite decking today it is no surprise that there are a wide range of deck railing options. When choosing a deck railing, it often comes down to the colour and whether or not it should have glass panels or balusters.

1. Glass Railing – Glass railing panels are often the top choice when someone wants an unobstructed view from their deck. They are a perfect choice for lake front, ocean front, or acreage properties where the view does not want to be missed. Invisirail is a brand of glass railing that is topless. Topless glass means that there is no top rail that would block/impede the view. Topless glass railing panels are 10mm glass and have sleek stainless steel posts that hold the panels. Fortress Railing offers a glass railing that has a top rail. This is often a more economical glass railing option than topless glass railings as a thinner tempered glass can be used with this type of system.

2. Aluminum Railing – Powder coated aluminum deck railing is often a top choice for a highly durable and long lasting product. Available in white or black, Fortress railing offers a fully pre-welded aluminum railing system.

3. Composite Railing – If you are looking for a deck railing in a colour other than white or black, then a composite railing system is the right choice for you. Composite railings are maintenance free and allow for customization of profiles & colours. Trex deck railing offers the most colours in more component profiles than other railings. Trex Transcend Composite Railing or Fiberon Symmetry Railing are both high quality composite deck railing options. To better understand the differences between the different types of deck riling systems, stop by Everything Exterior Store on the southside of Edmonton to see all deck railing systems on display.

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