What is Cultured Stone?

While there are many different types of faux stone on the market, there is often confusion as to what the differences are between them. So let’s dig into a faux stone product called Cultured Stone.

What is Cultured Stone?

Cultured Stone is a brand of faux stone made of concrete. Also known as manufactured stone veneer, Cultured Stone is made to look & feel just like natural stone.

Why Choose Cultured Stone Over Natural Stone?

Cultured Stone is easier to cut than natural stone and the pieces of stone are uniform in size. This is not the case with real stone, which results in more time required during install to make the pieces fit properly. It also results in a large amount of waste factor, which adds to the project cost. This makes Cultured Stone easier to install than real stone and the price of it installed is significantly less than real stone. Cultured Stone is also lighter than real stone so extra reinforcement of the wall is not always required, which can add to the project cost. Architects and builders take advantage of the lightweight benefits of Cultured Stone when using it in many unique ways. Since Cultured Stone is so lightweight, and has a Class A Fire Rating (zero flame spread and zero smoke development), it is an extremely versatile product.

What is Cultured Stone Made of?

Cultured Stone is composed of Portland Cement and natural stone aggregates. The cement-based stone is cast from real stone molds and gets it’s colouring from iron oxide pigments. This is why Cultured Stone looks just like the real thing and can be used for architectural stone applications, fireplace stone, stone accents, or even as a stone feature wall.

The stone showroom at Everything Exterior showcases many faux stone options, including Cultured Stone. Stop by the South Edmonton showroom to see all of the stone options that are offered, both faux and real.

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