Why Build a Deck Out of Pressure Treated Wood?

Pressure treated wood is designed to withstand the elements and to resist rot, decay, and insects. Pressure treated decking is often the choice of many deck builders and/or home owners as it is more cost effective than cedar or composite decking and lasts a long time with minimal maintenance. While pressure treated deck boards are treated to resist rot, decay, and insects, the only maintenance required every few years is to oil or stain the boards.

Pressure treated lumber is also an ideal choice for deck framing, deck joists, and general deck substructure as it is economical and has an extensive life span. Micro Pro Sienna is a type of pressure treated lumber that is also known as brown pressure treated wood. Micro Pro Sienna is still treated lumber but the chemicals used in the treatment process are different than green pressure treated lumber so it has a brown colour and looks more authentic to real wood.

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Brown vs. Green Pressure Treated Wood 

Pressure treated dimensional lumber is stocked in Edmonton at Everything Exterior Store.  

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