Why do Prices On Maintenance-Free Decking Vary So Much?

I want a maintenance-free deck, but what do I need to know to help me choose the right type of deck board? With all the choices in maintenance-free decking on the market today, why do the prices vary so much? Here are some general guidelines that you should know about the features that affect deck board pricing.

1. Composite vs PVC decking- There are two types of maintenance-free deck boards: composites and PVC deck boards. Wood composite deck boards are a blend of plastic and wood fibres and PVC decking is made of 100% plastic. In general PVC deck boards cost more than a lot of wood composite boards since PVC deck boards are made from all plastic and contain no wood fibres.
2. Solid deck boards are generally less expensive than multi-chromatic ones. As a general rule of thumb, the more multi-coloured a composite deck board is, the more it costs. If you are looking to keep the costs down on your composite deck project, choose a solid-coloured deck board.
3. Capped composite deck boards are more durable than un-capped as they have a durable PVC shell that protects from the elements. Capped composite boards are more expensive than un capped. A 4-sided capped composite deck board is capped on all four sides of the board with a PVC capping that helps to resist staining, scratching, and fading over time. The capping protects the recycled wood and plastic inner form of the deck board. Some boards are 3-sided capped while others are 4- sided. The top capped composite brands are Timbertech, Fiberon, and Trex.
4. PVC deck boards can be capped too. These boards are called Capped Polymer deck boards. Trusted capped polymer brands are Azek, Clubhouse, and Fiberon.

Composite vs PVC pic for blog Jan 29

We all know that a capped polymer and a capped composite deck will cost more upfront than a regular wood deck. A lot of people look at the savings over time as they will not have to spend countless hours staining, painting, and sanding their deck ever again. On average, wood composite decks cost less than capped polymer decks. The staff at Everything Exterior Store in Edmonton are highly knowledgeable in composite vs. PVC decking and can help you design a deck that fits your budget.  

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