Your Guide to Stone Siding

Stone siding makes your house uniquely stand out in a neighbourhood. This is due to the royalty that stones hold. They are strong, beautiful, and give away an intimidating presence of your house. A lot of people choose to have the best quality stone on the exterior of their house due to the same reason. Stones come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. People who are knee-deep into astrology especially get their stones custom-made. However, this a blooming business not just because of superstitions but the originality it holds in its final product. A home that is well decorated and styled with rich and gorgeous-looking stone is sure to stand out.



Types of stone sidings



  • Vaneer Panel stone siding: This is especially for people who are looking forward to adorning their house with real stone. This gives away the real look because it is made of real stone. The installation process of a vaneer panel is fairly easy. Vaneer panel makes the stone shine its natural lights while is also durable and strong, so it stays with your house for a long time. To have this stone perform to its best potential, you may want to hire a professional service that will install the stone considering the measurements and the nature of the wall. Stones are heavy and expensive, and you might not want to take any damaging chance with them.



  • Natural Stone Cladding: These stones are cut into smaller pieces and then sold. The intriguing feature about this stone is how naturally fitting it looks. Larger slabs take up the bigger walls while the smaller ones take up the side walls or other demarcations. This requires a greater amount of time for installation since it is fragile. It is easily breakable and because it is quite expensive, you might want to be careful with the handling and installation.





  • Material Stone: Material stone is super heavy which is why it gives a protruding look to the exterior walls. It does not settle like other stones but instead, seems slightly bulged up which makes the exterior look compact and detailed. This stone has a lot of charm which is why people are so easily drawn towards it despite it being one of the most expensive stones to buy. Material stone siding can incur a higher cost due to the additional equipment required for installing the stone. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should choose professional workers to work on the installation.



  • Polyurethane Faux Stone panel sliding: As the name suggests, this stone has polyurethane for its base which makes it extra durable. This is not made of natural stone due to which some people might think it does not give a classy look. However, there is something about the final result of the installation of this stone that leaves people yearning for more. It sets like smaller, finer plates and looks like a stone on the shore. It is one of the most desired stone siding available in the market.


Advantages of stone siding:



  • Provides the house against extreme weather conditions: Unlike paint or tiles, the stone is more durable. Under tough weather conditions that uproot trees and damage buildings, it is essential to maintain the strength of the exterior of your house. Stones are the kind that is resistant to harsh weather which makes them a very sustainable option.



  • Provides insulation to rooms: The right kind of stone keeps the heat away. It keeps the rooms cool by supporting proper insulation and ventilation. Stones get to absorb and radiate heat faster than paint or tiles thus making them a better alternative.





  • Various customization options: You can try and experiment with the look of your house by throwing in all kinds of stones together. This gives the wall a versatile and modern look. It is high time you ditched traditional siding stones and go for adding some spice of your own to brighten up the exterior of the house.
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