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As-Is Wood Wall Black-ish

AS-IS Brand Wood Wall panels are perfect for a DIY feature wall or that special space you have been trying to refresh in your home. Simply gluing or nailing quickly installs these panels. The panels can be installed horizontally, vertically, or in a chevron pattern and give a beautiful distressed look to any space. AS-IS Brand Wood Wall is sold at Everything Exterior Store in Edmonton I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT
Made from real wood, each piece of AS-IS Brand Wood Wall product has been carefully handcrafted to capture the look and feel of real barn wood. Featuring saw & chisel marks, sun straps, knots, and cracks, this is where the collection AS-IS got its name. Each piece is 5” tall and ¼” thick and is sold in a box of 20 sq.ft. Within each box the boards vary in length and there are a collection of lighter and darker boards. AS-IS Brand Wood Wall is available in 6 colours known as the ‘ISH’ collection. All wood has been carefully chosen from sustainably harvested sources. The wood is treated with a unique proprietary process that captures the character of reclaimed, aged barn wood. All wood is then carefully milled to exact measurements to ensure a precise board for fast and easy installation. AS-IS is proud to use materials, manufacturing, and packaging that have positive social and environmental impacts. Everything is done in North America, but the positive impact is global. AS-IS Brand Wood Walls is a proud partner of Trees For The Future. For every box of AS-IS Brand Wood Wall purchased, a tree is planted.
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- Available in 6 colours
- Sold in a box of 20 sq.ft
- Boards are 5” tall and ¼” thick
- Real wood, DIY feature wall product
- Panels are installed using air nails or a construction adhesive
- For every box of AS-IS Brand Wood Wall purchased, a tree is planted