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LANAI Decking Coastal Collection

If you are looking for a maintenance-free deck board that looks like exotic hardwood but will also set your deck apart, look no further than LANAI Outdoors Premium Plank Decking. Inspired to look just like interior hardwood flooring, why should you settle for anything less in your outdoor oasis? It’s time to experience the Lanai Lifestyle with Lanai Premium Plank Decking. Not only do Lanai Deck Planks feature dramatic colour streaking to mimic real exotic hard wood, they are made of 100% virgin PVC & have an unparalleled grip, making Lanai the grippiest deck board on the market today. Lanai Deck Planks are 4’ long, have bevelled edges, and can be transported in a regular car. Lanai Decking is capped on all 4-sides making it resistant to fading, staining, & scratching. Lanai PVC deck boards resist mold, mildew, and insects and come in four different colours: Beach Wood, Sunset Palm, Dark Kona, and Black Sand. And did we mention that Lanai comes with a lifetime warranty? All colours of Lanai Decking are in stock & on display in Edmonton at Everything Exterior Store. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT
To achieve the LANAI look of beautiful interior hardwood flooring for your outdoor space, Lanai has introduced 4’ Deck Planks instead of long, traditional deck boards, different size planks standard and narrow, no repeating patterns, natural wood tones and 80% smaller gaps than traditional decking.
Unlike most maintenance-free hidden deck fasteners, LANAI fasteners are truly hidden and cannot be seen.
LANAI does not use screws or plugs, the product is super lightweight, it is easy to transport and handle as product is packaged in smaller bundles as the Deck Planks are only 4’ long.
LANAI is PVC decking that offers several advantages over traditional decking:

Cool Touch – cooler to the touch than composite & wood deck boards
Ground Rated – since it is 100% pure PVC, it is 100% ground contact rated
Slip Resistant – unparalleled grip as a result of a unique extrusion process
Warp Resistant – built in air channels provide structural support similar to a bridge
Scratch, Stain & Fade Resistant – 4-sided capping provides resistance to scratching
Four different colours: Beach Wood, Sunset Palm, Dark Kona, and Black Sand
 Life-Time Warranty