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Quality Stone Ridge Stone Dark Brown

Quality Stone Ridge Stone offers a rustic look through the use of irregularly shaped stones. The deep texture of Ridge Stone provides a realistic and rugged look, which reflects the natural beauty of real stone. Added depth between stones and the use of colour variation and shadowing make Ridge Stone look like the real thing. Ridge Stone is available in 5 different colours. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT
Quality Stone is a high-density polyurethane product that is installer friendly. It is the most reputable and realistic faux-stone product on the market today. All Quality Stone panels are highly detailed, which is achieved through the use of colour variation and shadowing. Quality Stone is durable, maintenance-free, and designed to stand up against harsh climates. Each panel has staggered edges and Tongue and Groove on both the top and side, which offers a seamless look. The high-density polyurethane composition offers added insulation and has an R-value of 6. Quality Stone is sold by the panel and is available in 4 different stone profiles and 6 different colours. There are corner panels and trim pieces to match all profiles and colours. Quality STONE has a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty and is 100% inert, non-toxic, non-gaseous, odour-free, and Built Green.
Panels measure 48” x 12”
Corner panels are available
Easy install, screw to fasten
20-year manufacturer’s warranty
Staggered edges of panels provide a seamless fit
Tongue and Groove on both the top and side edges
Four different panel patterns to ensure a great finished look
Corner panels and trim pieces are available to accent the Ridge Stone profile
20-year manufacturer’s warranty