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Hourwall urbanCONCRETE Washed Grey

Hourwall urbanCONCRETE panels are lightweight and highly durable. Within minutes these faux concrete panels allow you to get the look of a real cast concrete wall. Casted from real concrete slabs, each panel has texture, character, and looks authentic. Installation is fast and easy as the panels are fastened to the wall using screws and/or nails and can be cut simply with a wood saw blade. There is absolutely no reinforcement of the wall required. urbanCONCRETE is available in two different colours: washed grey and industrial grey and all panels are on display at Everything Exterior Store in Edmonton. Come see how urbanCONCRETE panels can add a modern, contemporary look to your space! I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT
Hourwall urbanCONCRETE panels are an interior feature wall product made to look just like real cast concrete panels. Made of high-density polyurethane, these panels are simply screwed, nailed or glued to your wall to create an instant cast concrete feature wall. These faux concrete panels have a tongue on the top and side of each panel, which allows for a shiplap install. Designed for a DIY concrete wall installation, these lightweight concrete panels have a weight of only 1 lb./square foot and can therefore be applied directly to drywall. These panels are cut with a regular wood saw blade.
Sold by the panel
Panels are easy to cut
Panels measure 48” x 24”
Easy install, screw/and or nail to fasten
On the top and side of each panel is a shiplap edge